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How long does my dental restoration last?

Surprisingly, many people believe dental restorations last forever but unfortunately nothing in dentistry lasts forever. Over time, all restorations can start to become loose, breakdown and chip, allowing decay to enter underneath which can result in the rise of problems. The good news is that you can play your part…


I want my teeth whitened, what options do I have

Are you conscious of the colour of your teeth and would like it whitened? Teeth discolouration can be due to many reasons for example diet and lifestyle such as consuming red wine, turmeric, coffee as well as smoking. This is referred to as external (meaning outside) discolouration. Sometimes discolouration can…


Why do I have a toothache?

There are many reasons that may result in a toothache, but the most common reason is due to dental decay, which is caused by bacteria. In the initial stages, the presence of decay may be asymptomatic (meaning absence symptoms), before leading to the onset of symptoms such as sensitivity to…

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