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Guided Implant Technology

The REPLACEDENT® system is a revolutionary piece of technology that enables tooth replacement using computer aided software and 3D printed technology. At Hillier Road Dental & Implant Centre we offer high quality implant treatment using the REPLACEDENT® guided implant system.

With the advanced guided implant system the results are amazing, offering more accurate implants that are predictable, precise and are a permanent restoration of teeth done using a nearly pain-free procedure.

Guided Implant Process Using Replacedent

How does guided implant technology work?

Tooth restoration or replacement using the guided implant technology generally involves a 4 step process. Replacing missing teeth using guided implants will first start with a 3D diagnostic scan along with an impression of the mouth. Next a 3D printed keyhole template is created using which the keyhole surgical placement of the implant is done. The implant crown is finally attached to complete the process of restoration creating lifelike results.

  1. Precise digital planning (using a diagnostic scan)
  2. 3D printed template production
  3. Minimally invasive keyhole implant surgery (using the 3D template)
  4. Accurate placement of implant crown or tooth

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