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Aesthetic Composite Restorations

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Aesthetic Restoration using Composite White Fillings Morphett Vale

Aesthetic Composite Restorations (White Fillings) function similarly to Fillings albeit with some notable differences. Composite Restorations are designed to restore damage done to the teeth with the most lifelike end result, and are reinforced to withstand day to day functions as a standard tooth would.

Restoring the damaged section of a tooth with Aesthetic Composite Restorations usually entails an initial cleanup of the tooth before it undergoes the treatment. Each layer of the liquid composite is applied onto one another after the previous layer is mostly dried, the layers are built up over the course of the treatment which helps ensure adhesion and strengthens the structure of the tooth. This is done instead of the standard filling process which usually entails using a large singular piece.

The process of Aesthetic Composite Restorations helps to lower the chances of micro-fractures and gives you a longer lasting filling than most others. The final part of the restorations is usually the last cleanup, and polish of the composite and tooth to bring out the natural shine of them.

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Aesthetic Restoration - Case Studies

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