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Clear Aligners Morphett Vale

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Clear Aligners Morphett Vale

Clear aligners, like Invisalign, are a popular alternative to braces amongst the more mature patients. Why are they so popular? The appeal of Clear Aligners comes from the fact that they are non-intrusive and barely visible to anyone who is looking at or talking to you.

Unlike conventional braces, clear aligners are transparent composite plastic appliances which are designed to slowly re-align your teeth to their natural orientation and are typically done without the need for physical impressions. Instead, we utilise 3D Scanner technology to take a digital impression of the teeth. Clear Aligners are far less painful, and also do not require any dietary restrictions as compared to standard braces.

At Hillier Road Dental & Implant Centre we personally design and custom manufacture each clear aligner (and each stage of the aligners adjustment) in house. Thus guaranteeing you will receive your clear aligners sooner rather than at a later time, while also being made locally in Australia at our practice.

What is the process for the Clear Aligners?

A digital impression is taken of the patients’ teeth by means of an intraoral/extraoral  3d scanner which the aligners are then modeled off. At each stage of the treatment, from the start to each subsequent adjustment, an updated aligner is made to further adjust the teeth before moving onto retainers to ensure the teeth stay aligned.

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