There are many reasons that may result in a toothache, but the most common reason is due to dental decay, which is caused by bacteria. In the initial stages, the presence of decay may be asymptomatic (meaning absence symptoms), before leading to the onset of symptoms such as sensitivity to cold/sweets, which ceases as the source is removed.

Usually this can be restored with a filling at this stage. If left untreated, the decay can progress towards the nerve chamber of the tooth resulting in an increase in pain that lingers. At this stage, this is the common “toothache” that most people experience and a filling is no longer enough to resolve the issue. Either a root canal will need to be performed to save the tooth or the tooth may need to be removed.

If this is not treated and in fact left, then the infection within the tooth can drain into the surrounding tissues resulting in an abscess, which essentially looks like a pimple on the gum above the tooth. If this is left untreated then consequently, the infection may spread to other areas and be problematic or the tooth may become loose and will require removal.

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